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CHANGELOG RC 4.0 - 4.3
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RC 4.3

- The Logo header is now col-lg-6 width
- The Welcome Block is new look logout button
- Add new footer width and news options.
- Add Theme Options.
- Add LiteMode footer.
- Add new page theme-options.php ( stats,forumteam,litemode,version,copyright,rss...)
- Margin Top categories width fix.
- Translate auto forum (messages/threads/topiclastpost)
- New footer social icons for socials profiles.
- New Design input select buttons.
- New Design for posts in forum sections.
- The BG is now linked to free pictures : PEXELS
- The BG is now responsive, mobiles and others screens.
Changelog of 02-04-2018

RC 4.2 
- Fix and seach ideas. 
- Add Theme selector/Language selector 
- New footer ThemeSelector/Language and others..
- Fix and New design for catégories title.
- New Go to top and delete the gotop.png in assets.
- Fix Background stripes cards forum 
OLD : background-image: url(;background-size: 7px;background-repeat: repeat-x;background-position: top left;  font-family: 'Titillium Web';}

NEW : background-image: url(./assets/img/stripes.png);background-size: 7px;background-repeat: repeat-x;background-position: top left;  font-family: 'Titillium Web';}
Add in assets document : stripes.png

Changelog of 02-04-2018


- Changing the color of the boxes.
- Footer correction
- Blank captions of subjects.
- Correction of statistics cells min width266.3px
- Change of gotop image + height + background color hover.
- Add category descriptions in forum index
- Modification of the width of the forum boxes in the categories.
- Addition of sub-forums the category title in auto language forums in the so-and-so category
- Corrective mobile.
- Add space between the footer and the main forum.
- Added second theme video version for example: DEMO VIDEO BG
- Spacing under logo and category of 50px height
- Spacing under the category description of 50px height

EDIT / BUG OF THE 1.8.15 MYBB videos are no longer displayed, we have to wait for the 1.9 ( otherwise we just have to add a line of code in the file class_parse.php
Changelog of 19-03-2018
RC 4.0

- Max Width for added 190px logo
- Correction css
- Correction of the statistics insert for registered members.
- Fix forum collapse borders in separate.
- Add a background video index insert & a.css file to add a video as a forum background.
- Adding a scroolling gotop
- Add icon on the forums.
- Change the footer display stats.
- Add icon on forum topics boxes + last posts + Topic
- Correction of the header.
- Fix Description CATEGORIES, margin width.

- Fix Width lastpost forum col-lg-8
- Fix Cards forums borders and radius
- New effect CAT Forums
- Fix Cards Hover Black forums
- New Card design for avatars users forum.
- New icon and design for login/register area
- New Design Avatar users/usercp
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